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Expand Microsoft SCCM beyond OS patching

Even though Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) has capabilities to patch both the OS and limited third-party software, the process is cumbersome and many software vendors have limited or no support to patch their own products.

Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center

Shavlik Patch expands SCCM capabilities by adding third-party application patching to SCCM’s existing Microsoft patching capabilities. Patch the most commonly attacked applications from within SCCM, including Adobe Reader and Acrobat, Apple iTunes, Oracle Java, and many more.

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Shavlik Patch adds third-party updates to SCCM

Patch hundreds of the most vulnerable software titles.

See third-party patches and control the patching process—all from within the SCCM console.

Leverage your existing SCCM investment using the same mechanisms already in place for software patching.

Use SCCM reporting to view the status of third-party patch delivery.

Never leave the SCCM console to deploy third-party patches. A simple click deploys third-party software updates.

The Shavlik patching database leads the industry in extensive pre-download testing. Be confident in patching.

Native experience

Don’t get sucked into a so-called “plug-in” that takes you out of the native experience. Shavlik Patch plugs directly into the console and uses the same database to get the most from your SCCM investment. Don’t bother with additional training, consoles, or infrastructure that can inhibit you or limit the capacity of a patch management solution.

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