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Patch Management

Patch management is “not a solved problem”

Even though patching and updating computers have been around for years, organizations of all sizes struggle—and “struggle mightily”—to patch systems effectively. Whether those machines are behind the firewall or remote, the challenge of patching the OS and applications in a timely manner persists. Those who don’t possess effective methods for software updates open up serious vulnerabilities within their infrastructure.

Shavlik offers proven, industry-leading patch management software to keep systems—including OS and third-party, non-Microsoft applications—up-to-date with the latest software updates.

Download the white paper: Tackling Third-Party Application Vulnerabilities in the Enterprise

Shavlik Protect

Shavlik Protect is a complete patch management solution that offers agentless patching, OS and third-party application patching, inventory, and much more. Deploy patches to your physical or virtual assets from a central, intuitive console. With Protect, you can start updating for the first time in 30 minutes or less.

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Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center

With 86% of reported vulnerabilities coming from third-party applications, you need solutions to keep this software up-to-date. Shavlik Patch maximizes your investment in SCCM by adding third-party patching with a native add-on solution to SCCM. It reduces risk from unpatched third-party applications.

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