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Are you sure your servers are patched?

Are you really sure? The data center is the lifeblood of your organization, and fortifying your security practices with patch management is essential to keeping your data secure, your servers hardened, and your sanity intact.

Even though patch management has been around for decades, many companies still struggle to keep their software up-to-date with the latest security patches.

Shavlik Protect for the data center

Shavlik Protect offers all the data center-patch and server-patch tools you need for OS and third-party patches. These tools include agentless patching; online and offline virtual machine patching; patching for the hypervisor, including VMware ESXi; compliance reporting; and much more.

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Shavlik Protect patches the data center

Discover and patch machines without an agent. Keep servers efficient and secure without additional software.

Find all the hardware on your network to ensure your servers have the latest patch.

Never create a virtual machine with a stale template. Install the latest patches before spinning up a new VM.

Patch both virtual machines and the hypervisor, including VMware ESXi, from the same console.

You know you have third-party software on servers, so deal with it. Make sure software is always up-to-date to avoid compromising the data center.

Verify that each Windows server instance is patched and compliant and show proof to the executive team or an auditor.

Months to minutes

The easy-to-use Shavlik Protect interface installs in 10 minutes and delivers value in 20 minutes. Discover machines quickly and deploy patches rapidly from a simple interface that frees data center admins to concentrate on other tasks to keep the business humming.

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