Patch Microsoft Windows®, Mac OS, and third-party applications with a single solution

Many organizations concentrate patch management efforts on software updates coming from Microsoft. But these only cover Microsoft applications and operating systems, and your enterprise uses many more applications from other vendors. Shavlik Protect + Empower® offers comprehensive third-party application patching for hundreds of the most vulnerable software titles on your network, as well as for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems.


75% of attacks use publicly known vulnerabilities in commercial software that could be prevented by regular patching.

Center for Strategic & International Studies

Extensive third-party application catalog

The extensive Shavlik catalog of patches spans thousands of software titles, versions, and vendors, giving you added protection from today’s top threats. Patch hundreds of the most vulnerable applications, including Acrobat® Reader® from Adobe®, iTunes® and QuickTime® from Apple®, Java from Oracle®, Firefox® from Mozilla, and Chrome from Google®.

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Rely on the patching expertise of Shavlik

Shavlik started patch management in the early days of Microsoft Windows, and is now the industry expert in patching Windows systems. Our patch content engineers spend countless hours to ensure that all patches are thoroughly tested before we release them to you. Take advantage of our 20-plus years of experience delivering accurate, timely patch data, and successfully secure your environment, including your most critical third-party applications.

Accelerate patching from months to minutes

The multitude of software titles and updates your enterprise relies upon means that your IT organization likely struggles to keep pace with patch updates. The problem only worsens as new and updated applications are added to your IT environment. All this can lead to “non-critical” third-party application patches being delayed or ignored completely, and an ever-growing threat from unpatched vulnerabilities. Shavlik Protect + Empower automates all of your patching and dramatically decreases the delivery time of all of your critical software updates. This means faster and more complete patching and protection for your environment, and more time for IT to address its myriad other responsibilities.


We’ve saved 40 engineer hours a month by automating patch management.

Richard Booth
Technical Operations Manager, Attenda

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Shavlik Protect + Empower enables you to manage Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and third-party updates. Here you can see a scan of a Windows Server 2012 machine that is missing several Microsoft patches, an update for VMware Tools, and another for Firefox.

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