Patch all of your Microsoft Windows® workstations and servers with a single solution

“Patch Tuesday.” Two words that rankle even the most experienced manager of workstations and servers running Microsoft business applications and operating systems. A large-scale “cottage industry” has arisen within IT, spurred by the myriad challenges of keeping current with Microsoft patches. Shavlik Protect + Empower® has all of the features you need to ease and speed deployment of the right patches at the right time, all the time, for all of your Microsoft systems.


I tested 10 different solutions, and Shavlik was by far the easiest solution out there and gave us exactly what we wanted. We’ve cut down the time we spend on patching by probably more than 50 percent. It’s enabled us to put the resources somewhere else and get caught up on other projects.

Michael Baroni, Technical Administration Manager, Saint-Gobain

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Rely on the patching expertise of Shavlik

Shavlik started patch management in the early days of Microsoft Windows, and is now the industry expert in patching Windows systems. Our patch content engineers spend countless hours to ensure that all patches are thoroughly tested before we release them to you. Take advantage of our 20-plus years of experience delivering accurate, timely patch data, and successfully secure all of your Windows systems and applications.

Accelerate patching from months to minutes

Keeping current on all of the patches required by all of your organization’s Microsoft Windows systems is a constant struggle. This can mean that systems or applications deemed “non-critical” can get patched long after the patch becomes available—or not at all. This weakens security and increases vulnerability to threat or attack significantly. Shavlik Protect + Empower automates patching for your Windows systems, and dramatically decreases update delivery times for your Windows applications. This means better security and decreased vulnerability for your organization, and more time for IT to address other responsibilities and opportunities.


Shavlik Protect is really easy to use, extremely reliable and provides comprehensive functionality. We now have complete confidence that all our staff are using up-to-date software, which means critical housing data is protected against the latest security vulnerabilities.

Ian Pritchard,IT Manager, Severnside Housing

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Shavlik Protect + Empower enables you to manage all of your Microsoft Windows operating systems and applications, as well as Mac OS and third-party updates. Here you can see a scan of a Windows Server 2012 machine that is missing several Microsoft patches, an update for VMware Tools, and another for Firefox.

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