Shavlik Empower: Mac OS asset inventory assessment and patch management from the cloud

Even if your environment is dominated by Microsoft Windows® workstations and servers, there are likely at least some Mac OS systems in use as well. And those systems must be treated as “first-class network citizens” if your patch management, asset inventory, and security efforts are to be maximally effective.

Shavlik Empower, a cloud-based add-on for Shavlik Protect, adds Mac OS asset inventory and patch management features to your toolkit. Cloud-based agents deliver detailed and timely information about your Mac OS assets, including the state of their application and system patches. Empower provides a Web-based dashboard that eases and improves patch management for all of your assets. Your patch management and asset knowledge becomes more complete and comprehensive, and your organization’s security more centered on users and the devices, resources, and connections they use to do their jobs.


We’ve always been dedicated to staying protected. Now, it just doesn’t take nearly as much time to stay protected. Updating all applications takes about an hour each week—no matter how many applications need patching—instead of being nearly a full-time job.

Rick McIver, Senior Systems Administrator, FIS Technical Services, University of Pittsburgh

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Rely on the patching expertise of Shavlik

Shavlik started patch management in the early days of Microsoft Windows, and is now the industry expert in patching Windows systems. Our patch content engineers spend countless hours to ensure that all patches are thoroughly tested before we release them to you. With Shavlik Protect + Empower and our 20-plus years of experience delivering accurate, timely patch data, you can successfully secure all of your critical Microsoft Windows and Mac OS systems and applications.

Accelerate patching from months to minutes

Keeping current on all of the patches required by all of your organization’s systems is a constant struggle. Sometimes, systems or applications deemed “non-critical” get patched or updated long after such remediation becomes available—or not at all. This weakens security and increases vulnerability to threat or attack significantly. Shavlik Protect + Empower automates patch management and improves asset inventory management for your Windows and Mac OS systems, and dramatically decreases delivery times for patches and application updates. This means better security and decreased vulnerability for your organization, and more time for IT to address other responsibilities and opportunities.


Before, patching was as much time as you could devote because it never ended. Now with Shavlik, it’s half an hour a week.

Kevin Kraus, Systems Administrator, Air-Land Transport Service

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Shavlik Protect + Empower enables you to manage all of your Microsoft Windows operating systems and applications, as well as Mac OS and third-party updates. Here you can see Windows and Mac systems centralized in one location in Empower. Drill into the software on these devices and see the operating system and third-party applications.

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