Get the right information about vulnerabilities to the right people

The final step of any successful patch strategy is reporting. Shavlik Protect + Empower equips you with the needed tools to acquire information about your environment, to act on that information, and to share it with others. This combination enables you and others within your organization to ensure patch compliance. Get the information into the right hands with comprehensive, flexible patch assessment status reports for IT and dashboards for management.

Comprehensive reporting

Benefit from more than 20 built-in reports ranging from an Executive Dashboard to a Patch Status Detail. Reports detail everything from Seat License Count to Patch Status to Threat Summary. Advanced filtering allows you to obtain a very granular view all the way down to specific machines or specific patches. Reports can be exported in five different formats. Email reports or notifications automatically by defining the email recipients in scan template, deployment template, or machine group.

Find what you don’t know in your environment and stop living in fear of the unknown

Shavlik Protect + Empower offers custom views to customize your reports and dashboards for ultimate flexibility. What’s more, powerful and flexible scanning technology supplies you all the data you need to assess your environment for missing patches and updates. Create executive reports or simply deploy the patches to these machines.


It’s easy for Shavlik to scan and let us know what’s patched and what’s not, and if it’s critical or not.

Randy Bowman
Network Analyst II, Presbyterian Church USA

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Shavlik Protect + Empower monitors update execution in real-time. You can see status updates as patches execute on a machine, including failures with return codes and feedback on patches that require reboots to finalize.

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