Cloud-enabled patch management for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS systems

Empower is a cloud-based, integrated, and highly secure patch management solution for your Microsoft Windows® and Apple Mac OS® systems.

Empower can be deployed independently, or as a seamless add-on to Shavlik Protect.

Manage and patch your Windows and Mac OS systems, wherever they are

Empower consolidates patch management of all of your Windows and Mac OS systems behind a single interface. In addition, since Empower is a cloud-based solution, it can patch those systems whether they are on your network or in remote locations, such as users’ homes or coffee shops. And Empower lets you use the same workflows to manage patching for your Windows and Mac OS systems, with only minor filtering variations needed for Mac OS.

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Beyond patch management: asset intelligence

Empower also provides detailed intelligence about your Windows and Mac OS assets. Its user-centered interface discovers and delivers complete visibility into system hardware and software inventories. This asset information helps you to combat “configuration drift” and prioritize your patching efforts more effectively.

Protect in silence, manage without disruption

Empower gives your security administrators the information they need to identify problems before they negatively affect user productivity. Leverage hardware and software information to pinpoint system problems in your environment. Proactively identify and rapidly remediate problems such as outdated virus definitions, out-of-support software, expired passwords, and overdue reboots.

Visualize the sequence of events that have occurred on each device, and use this information to troubleshoot hardware configuration or security problems. View dashboards and information grids that highlight quickly and clearly the status and trend characteristics about your Windows and Mac OS systems and software, to improve security and avoid the potentially high costs associated with breaches. Protect your users, their systems, and your enterprise’s critical IT assets and resources.

Learn more about why patching is essential and how Shavlik can help.

Quickly identify users, their devices, and the patch status of each Windows and Mac OS system.

Gain critical user, asset, and security information with clear, easily actionable dashboards.

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