Comprehensive patch management

Patch data center, workstation, and virtual environments with OS and third-party software updates from a single, easy-to-use solution. Use agent or agentless technology to assess and distribute patches, including virtual machine patches, across the entire environment.


It’s easy for Shavlik to scan and let us know what’s patched and what’s not and if it’s critical or not.

Randy Bowman
Network Analyst II, Presbyterian Church USA

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Support the OS as well as hundreds of third-party applications

Patch vulnerable applications from vendors such as Apple (iTunes, QuickTime), Oracle (Java), Mozilla (Firefox), Google (Chrome), and many others. (List of supported applications)

Patch on-premise and off-premise devices

Use agentless patching in the data center to keep physical and virtual machines secure. Employ agents to manage end users’ machines without concern for availability. Cloud-enable your agents to manage machines off-network or laptops that frequently leave the network.

Automate the patch deployment process

By enabling the auto-deploy option, you can define a policy for assessment and deployment that allows Shavlik Protect + Empower to update any missing patches automatically, reducing the time and effort required to manage machines.

Create your own patches or customize existing software updates

Patch virtually any Windows application on your network. With the Custom Patch feature in Shavlik Protect + Empower you can extend that coverage to private-release patches, custom products, and home-grown applications.

Control reboots

Shavlik Protect + Empower enables administrators to specify detailed, granular reboot instructions that allow for system restarting at specific times. Patch downloads, installations, and reboots can be scheduled separately. Provide end users with a number of options to delay reboot so they can complete their work; the reboot can still be enforced, ensuring that patches requiring reboot are completed.


Within a few minutes you can register your Protect console with the ProtectCloud service to extend the reach of agents outside your network. This provides complete coverage for laptop users who spend a lot of time away from the office.


Shavlik Protect + Empower monitors update execution in real-time. You can see status updates as patches execute on a machine, including failures with return codes and feedback on patches that require reboots to finalize.

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