Extend patch management with cloud technologies

No matter where a machine is in the world, you can keep it updated with Shavlik Protect + Empower. This proven patch management solution uses agentless patch technology to manage systems connected to the network, and uses a cloud-enabled agent to scan and patch machines that are never connected to the network, keeping all your systems up-to-date and secure.

Patch both the data center and workstations from a single solution

Discover both physical and virtual servers in the data center as well as client workstations from the same solution. Protect offers flexible agent or agentless options.

Flexible agent/agentless options

Don’t want to install an Agent on your servers? No problem. Agentless patch technology in Protect means you can keep your servers up-to-date without introducing risk to those critical systems. Employ agents to manage end users’ machines without concern for availability. For those systems that are difficult to reach such as off-network systems or laptops, Shavlik Protect + Empower offers a cloud-enabled agent.

Sometimes you need an agent

The Shavlik Agent is simply an agent service. The agents configured by the Shavlik Agent are distributed agents, meaning they are installed on physically distinct machines and can initiate specific actions independently. They are configured via the Shavlik Protect + Empower console and then installed on the desired machines either by executing a menu command from the Shavlik Protect + Empower console or by installing them manually off a CD or flash drive. With the Shavlik Agent you can create as many different agent policies as necessary to manage your network, offering significant flexibility. You can assign different agent configurations to different machines in your organization. When installed on a machine, and depending on how they are configured, Shavlik agents can:

  • Scan for and deploy missing patches
  • Report the results to the local console
  • Execute ITScripts and collect inventory information

Patch even the most complex network

Configure additional distribution servers to reduce WAN traffic, distribute workloads, and centrally roll up data to obtain company-wide, central reporting.


Within minutes, you can register your Protect + Empower console with the ProtectCloud service to extend management of agents off-premise, providing a complete coverage for laptop users who spend a lot of time outside your network.

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