Shavlik Patch requires no additional infrastructure

Don’t break SCCM! Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) already comes with what you need to deliver software and software updates. So why add additional workflows, consoles, and infrastructure to your SCCM implementation just to handle third-party application patching? Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center is an SCCM add-on equipped to tackle the challenge. With native integration into SCCM, you benefit from the years of Shavlik expertise to deploy patches for third-party applications integrated into your existing workflow and infrastructure.

Although patching has been ‘a solved problem’ for many years, even decades, a lot of organizations struggle with it today – and struggle mightily.

Anton Chuvakin

Native patch management plugin for SCCM

Shavlik Patch provides an interface you can see within SCCM to view third-party patches and to control the patching process. There’s no need to deploy extra servers, additional agents or a console other than SCCM. What’s more, the installation is easy, fast, and also verifies your SCCM configuration for a better user experience.

Uses the same process, motion, and infrastructure as SCCM

Unlike competitive products, Shavlik Patch is a native plugin to SCCM. It leverages the existing SCCM infrastructure to deploy software updates much like you already deploy OS and Microsoft updates. Many IT organizations spend considerable time and consulting dollars to configure SCCM for their unique environment. Shavlik Patch doesn’t break the native experience just to give you third-party patch management. Face it, you spent a lot of time and money installing SCCM, so use it!

Leverage SCCM for solid patch management practices

Shavlik Patch can help you prove patch compliance with industry standards and internal SLAs using the existing SCCM reporting. In addition to reporting, Shavlik Patch auto-detects Windows Software Update Servers (WSUS) and handles digital certificates to ensure patches are delivered correctly and securely throughout the SCCM infrastructure. It’s localized in 11 languages so you can deploy it around the world.


We chose Shavlik Patch because it seemed the best at what it does. We could bring third-party applications into our existing SCCM infrastructure for a relatively low cost.

Anthony Digregorio
University of Pittsburgh

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