Patch third-party applications to reduce risk and improve security

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) helps you to keep Windows and Microsoft applications up to date, but third-party applications account for the majority of your network’s vulnerabilities. Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center offers a native plug-in that integrates seamlessly into SCCM and patches many of the most vulnerable applications not supported by Microsoft. Shavlik Patch lets you get more value and more security out of your investments in SCCM—with no additional infrastructure or training required.

…in the darkest woods of IT, patching 3rd party applications on a desktop remains a significant challenge for many organizations.

Anton Chuvakin

Customize patching to meet your business needs

Edit and customize individual patches to meet specific company policies. Publish patch metadata separately, for compliance report, audit requests, or to determine if a patch needs to be deployed fully. Re-authorize expired certificates. Delete or republish updates. View and manage all products published to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). All from within the Shavlik Patch plug-in.

Accelerate patching from months to minutes

Malefactors can exploit vulnerabilities within hours or days of a software update, but enterprises can take weeks, months, or years to install the patches provided to protect them. SCCM comes with basic tools for manual import of third-party patch catalogs and definition of custom patches for distribution. However, even with these tools, such tasks are time-consuming and challenging. Shavlik Patch saves IT time by automating and streamlining these manual steps. It downloads patching data from the award-winning Shavlik patch catalog database and automates the process of delivering patches through SCCM. Get patches to the endpoints faster and further, reducing the risk in your environment.

View and show compliance within SCCM

How do you demonstrate patch compliance throughout your organization? Through the reporting features inside of SCCM you’re already familiar with, Shavlik Patch can view and verify the status of delivery and installation of third-party patches.

Automate the process of patching applications

Shavlik Patch features complete automation of systems patching. It checks for the latest patch definition automatically and can be set up to publish either manually or automatically new patches based on composite filters defined by you. It even has logic that will expire superseded patches with the new version and special logic to help with installing difficult patches, such as Java.


Now we can leverage our investment in SCCM to automate the patch process for all our applications.

Anthony Digregorio
University of Pittsburgh

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Shavlik Patch gathers and presents detailed information about all available patches, including those for third-party applications.

Shavlik Patch presents detailed information about every patch, to ensure the right patches are installed where they are needed.

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