Patch third-party applications to reduce risk

With a data security breach appearing nearly daily in the headlines, you need solutions that help you reduce risk. Avoid being the next security disaster headline by reducing vulnerabilities and risks through third-party application patch management within Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

86% of reported vulnerabilities come from third-party applications.

National Vulnerability Database

Close the application-patching gap

With the rising number of vulnerabilities created by applications that are not part of the operating system, you need solutions that will install the critical security updates for more than just Microsoft products. Shavlik Patch reduces the risk by adding third-party application patching to SCCM.

Extensive third-party software catalog

Shavlik Patch supports many of the most popular and most vulnerable applications, including Adobe (Acrobat), Apple (iTunes, QuickTime), Oracle (Java), Mozilla (Firefox), Google (Chrome), and many more. Update traditionally difficult applications like Java easily within SCCM. See the latest supported software titles in the Shavlik Patch catalog.

Gain control of application updates

Don’t rely on end users to patch individual applications. Shavlik Patch centrally deploys application patches to workstations within SCCM.

Patch with confidence

Shavlik started patch management in the early days of the Windows OS and is now the industry expert in patching Windows systems. Our patch content engineers spend countless hours to ensure all patches are thoroughly tested before we release them to you. Take advantage of our years of experience delivering accurate, timely patch data, enabling you to secure your environment successfully.


We could bring third-party applications into our existing SCCM infrastructure for a relatively low cost.

Anthony Digregorio
University of Pittsburgh

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Shavlik Patch allows you to manage third-party updates within the SCCM console. Here you can see the Shavlik catalog of third-party updates. From this table, users can select the updates they wish to publish.

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