Patch Tuesday

Patch Tuesday has been around for years, but there’s too much emphasis on the Microsoft Updates. IT faces more challenges than ever to secure the environment.

More vulnerabilities are being identified and resolved by vendors, and we have to allow more of these products in our environments to enable our users. Just providing updates for Microsoft operating systems and applications is no longer enough. We have heterogeneous environments, including Mac OS X, and applications from Adobe, Oracle, Google, Mozilla, Citrix, and many other vendors in our networks today, making vulnerability management difficult. Shavlik goes beyond patching the application and brings you the intelligence and guidance needed to sift through the mass of updates each month and prioritize where to focus your attention first.

Catch early analysis on our Shavlik blog where we summarize the updates that were just released. Then join industry expert Chris Goettl for the Patch Tuesday Webinar Event where we will take a deep dive into each of the bulletins and provide guidance on the risks associated with the newly-identified vulnerabilities. 


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