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System Requirements
Separately Licensed Features
Installation and Setup
Quick Start Information
Agentless Patch Management Tasks
    Patch Management Overview
    Performing Patch Scans
    Patch Scan Templates
    Patch Groups
    Scanning for Select Third-Party Applications
    Interpreting Patch Scan Results (Scan View)
    Downloading Patches
    Deploying Patches
       Patch Deployment Overview
       Patch Deployment Prerequisites
       Patch Deployment Security
       Testing Deployment
       Deploying One or More Patches to a Machine
       Deploying All Missing Patches to a Machine
       Deploying Patches to Multiple Machines
       Deploying Third-Party Applications
       Deploying Patches to Virtual Machines
       Deploying Service Packs
       Deploying by Criticality
       Deploy to All Domain Members
       Automatically Deploying Patches
       Scheduling & Configuring a Deployment
       Monitoring the Deployment
       Viewing Deployment Results
       Canceling a Deployment
       Deployment History
    Deployment Templates
    Using Deployment Tracker
    Uninstalling Patches
    International Language Patch Support
    Creating Custom Patch XML Files
    Using Patch View
Agentless Asset Inventory Tasks
Agentless Power Management Tasks
Common Tasks
Managing Multiple Consoles
IT Management Tools
Reporting Errors
Obtaining Support