Take ownership
Technical Support
   How Do I Collect Info For Tech Support
   Obtaining support
Temp files
    Asset scan template
    Creating a scan template
    Default scan template
    Deployment template
    ITScripts template
    Power state template
    Predefined scan templates
    Virtual machine template
Test Machines group
Test Patch Deployment tab
Testing patch deployment
Third-party applications
   About third-party applications
   How to scan for third-party applications
   Deploying Third-Party Applications
Threat actions
Threat Events View
Threat Information tab
Threat locations
Threat management
Threat scan
Threat scan (right-click)
Threat summaries
Threat task
Threat types
Today's deployments
Today's Items list
Today's scans
Trial edition
Troubleshooting agents
TrustedHosts list

   Scanning prerequisites
   Asset Scan Requirements
Unattended console
   Implementing an Unattended Console Configuration
   Unattended Console
Uninstalling agents
Uninstalling patches
Update agent settings
Update files
   Menu Commands
   Definition Download Options
Use backup server
Use only the browse list
Use vendor as backup
Used By tab
    Asset scan template
    Deployment template
    Patch scan template
    Power state template
User criticality
User interface
User roles

Validating custom XML
vCenter server
   Adding Images Hosted by a Server
   Introducing the Virtual Inventory Feature
Vendor file name
Vendor severity
Version information
   Version Information
   File Version Analysis
Version log
View current status
View usage (credentials)
Viewing custom patches
Viewing favorites
Virtual asset scan
Virtual asset summary
Virtual environments
Virtual Inventory feature
Virtual Machine Standard deployment template
Virtual machines
    Connection limits
    Network isolation
    Offline workstations
    Roadmap of tasks
    Viewing in machine group
    Virtual machine notes
    Virtual machine overview
    Virtual machine template
VMware ESX server
VMware permissions
    Adding hosted VMs to a group
    Changing power state of offline VM
    Managing snapshots
       Notes About VM Templates
       Notes About Virtual Machines
VMware tools
VPN tunnels

Wake-on-LAN requirements
What's new
Windows Action Center
   Installing Agents from the Console
   Manually Installing Agents
Windows Firewall
Windows Security Center
Windows Update service
Windows Vista
   Supplying credentials
   System requirements
   Scanning prerequisites
Winrm quickconfig command
WoL requirements

XML file (custom)
XML patch data file