E-mail feature
    Address book
    Automatically sending e-mail
    Manually sending e-mail
E-mail operations
E-mail tab
Editions of the program
Effectively installed patches
Enable automatic e-mailing
Enable passphrase in manual agent installs
Enumerating machines
EOL products
Error codes
Error messages
ESX Server
   Defining Servers
   Adding Images Hosted by a Server
ESXi Hypervisor
Event history
Events since option
Exception list
Excluding machines
Executive Summary link
Executive summary report
Explicitly installed patches
Export data rollup settings
Export machine group
Exporting Reports

File access
File download options
File locations
File version
    Filter Patches
    Filtering Machine View
    Filtering machines
       Machine Group Pane: Top Section
       Filtering The Top Pane
    Filtering Patch View
    Filtering reports
Find user
Force reboot
Foreign language support
   Downloading non-English language patches
   Downloading non-English Lang Patches Individually
   Accessing language support options
Found patch count
Friendly name
Full Asset Scan template
Full scan (agent)
Full-file patches

Generate MBSA-formatted output
Government edition
Green initiative

Hardware asset scan
Hardware asset summary
Help system
Heuristic scanning
   Scanning engine overview
   Data Files
Hibernate requirements
Hibernate state
High risk file types
   Scan history
   Deployment history
Home page
Hosted virtual machines
How do I . . . ?
How-to tutorials
HTTP proxy
Hypervisor requirements

Ignoring machines
Import data rollup settings
Import from file
   Adding domains
   Adding machines by IP address
   Adding machines by name
Import machine group
Importing patch definitions
Installation log (agent)
Installation logs
Installed tab
    Installing agents
       Manually Installing Agents
       Installing Agents from the Console
    Installing the program
    Installing the Scheduler
Interactive logon: Do not require CTRL+ALT+DEL
International mode
Internet Explorer
IP address
    Community site
    Creating a custom script
    Open PowerShell prompt
    Operations Monitor
    PowerShell modules
    Results View
    Script Catalog Manager
    Secure connection requirements
    Target types
    TrustedHosts list
    WinRM Remoting

Keyboard shortcuts

Language for countdown dialog
Language support options
License information
License refresh
Limit AP scanning
Linking text files
Listening agent
Listening port
Local machine credentials
Local system account
Log files
    Agent log files
    Console log files
    Event log
    Installation logs
    Scheduler log
    Version log
Logging on to a server
Logging options

Machine account credentials
Machine criticality
Machine group
   Creating machine groups
   Working With A Machine Group
    Add by IP
    Add by OU
    Add domain
    Add machine by name
    Add virtual machine
    Excluding machines
    Linking files to
    Nested group
Machine properties
Machine View
    Accessing Machine View
    Filtering information
    Machine group information
    Navigating Machine View
    Performing actions on patches
    Performing actions on threats
    Searching for machines
    Viewing hardware summaries
    Viewing patch summaries
    Viewing software summaries
    Viewing threat summaries
    Viewing virtual asset summaries
Machines Affected tab
Machines Cleaned tab
Machines Installed tab
    Machine View
    Patch View
    Scan View
Machines Missing tab
    Machine View
    Patch View
    Scan View
Machines not scanned
Maintenance tasks for agents
Maintenance window
   Creating and Configuring a Threat Task
   Configuring Agent Active Protection
Manage items
Managing custom XML files
Manual agent installation script
Manually installing agents
Manually sending e-mail
Menu commands
Microsoft Knowledge Base
Microsoft Scheduler
Missing patch count
Missing tab
    Asset scans
    Monitoring agents
    Monitoring deployments
    Patch scan
    Power task
Multiple administrators
Multiple consoles
Multiple users
My Domain
   About machine groups
   About The Home Page
My Machine
   About machine groups
   About The Home Page
My Test Machines

Navigating the interface
Nested group
Network Interface Card (NIC)
Network isolation
Never Allow list
Never reboot
Non-English patches
Non-security patches

Obtaining the software
Office Administrative Install Point
Office deployment
Offline virtual machines
   Virtual Machine Image Overview
   Adding Offline Virtual Images
On access
Online Help
Open prompt (script)
    Data rollup
    Database maintenance
    Definition download source
    Patch download source
Operations Monitor
    Agent options
    Deployment options
    Display options
    ITScripts options
    Logging options
    Notification and warning options
    Patch language options
    Proxy options
    Scan options
    Scheduling options
Organizational Unit
Original patch status