.drs file

64-bit operating systems
64-bit version of the program

Action Center (Windows)
Activating the program
Active Directory
Active function pane
Active Protection
    Configuring AP
    High risk file types
    Limit AP scanning
    Sending AP alerts
    Suspending AP
    Viewing AP events
Address book
Administering roles
Administrative Installation Point
Administrator privileges
Advanced report filter
Affected machine count
Affected machines
    Agent client program
    Agent cloud
    Agent commands
    Agent installation errors
    Agent installation options
       Installing Agents from the Console
       Manually Installing Agents
    Agent installation script
    Agent licenses
    Agent listens
    Agent log
    Agent maintenance tasks
    Agent monitoring
    Agent on distribution server
    Agent policies
    Agent process
    Agent proxy options
    Agent uninstalling
    Agent-based solution
       Agentless vs. Agent-based Solutions
       When Should I Use Agents?
    Agent: When to use
Agent configuration
    Active Protection
    Allowed threats
    Always Allow list
    Asset task
    General settings
    Never Allow list
    Patch task
    Power task
    Threat actions
    Threat task
Agent options
Agent patch deployment process
Agent service pack deployment process
Agent Standard template
Agentless solution
Agents managed from the cloud
Aggregate database
   An Isolated Console Configuration
   Report Gallery
   Arrivals/Data Rollup Options
Alias (console)
Allowed threats
Always Allow list
Always reboot
   Creating and Configuring a Threat Task
Antivirus (threat management)
    Configuring an antivirus (threat) task
    How to create an antivirus policy
    Implemented using agents
    Scanning specific files, folders, and drives
Approved patches
   Creating and Configuring a Patch Task
   How Do I Download Approved Patches
Archive Items list
Arrival options
Asset management
   Asset Management Overview
    Hardware asset scan
       Creating a new asset scan template
       Viewing Hardware Asset Summaries
    Software asset scan
       Creating a new asset scan template
       Viewing Software Asset Summaries
    Virtual asset scan
       Creating a new asset scan template
       Viewing Virtual Asset Summaries
Asset scan
Asset scan template
Asset task
Assigning an agent policy
Assigning user roles
Asynchronous tasks
   System requirements
   What sets Shavlik NetChk Protect apart from the others
Audit edition
Automatic synchronization
Automatically deploy patches
Automatically download patches
Automatically sending e-mail
AV/Threat View

Background tasking
   What sets the program apart from the others
   About the Operations Monitor
Backup files for uninstall
Bandwidth throttling
   Creating and Configuring a Patch Task
   About Service Pack Groups
Baseline patches
   About patch groups
   Creating a patch group
Basic edition
Best practices
Binary patches
Browse active directory
Browse credentials
Built-in Administrator account
   Scanning prerequisites
   Asset Scan Requirements
Bulletin ID
Bulletin release date
Bulletin title
Button tray

CAB file
Cancel deployment
Cancel task
Central console
Central Policy Manager
Check for new data files
   Creating and Configuring a Threat Task
   Creating and Configuring a Patch Task
Check-in interval
   How the Agent Process Works
   Configuring General Settings
Cleaned machines
Client patches
Client program
Close status dialog after deployment
Cloud agents
    Cloud agent requirements
    Installing cloud agents
Collect data for Tech Support
Column chooser
   Command Line Option
   Creating and Using a Manual Installation Script
Community site
Configuration options
Connection limit
Connection timeout
Console alias editor
Console credentials
Consoles (multiple)
   Why Use Multiple Consoles?
   Multiple Console Configuration with Agents
Context-sensitive Help
Copy speed
Create a temporary system drive
    Creating a custom XML file
    Creating a patch group
    Creating a patch scan template
    Creating an agent policy
    Creating favorites
    Creating machine groups
Credential best practices
    Browse credentials
    Credentials Manager
    Default credentials
    Defining credentials
    Merge credentials
    Multiple administrator issue
    Requirements for deploying to VMs
    Sharing credentials
    Supplying credentials
Criticality level for machines
Current patch status
Currently assigned role
    Custom Actions
       Deployment Template: Custom Actions Tab
       Creating or editing a patch scan template
    Custom bulletin
    Custom criticality
    Custom filter
    Custom patch
    Custom Patch File Editor
    Custom patch process
    Custom product
    Custom scripts
    Custom XML
       Creating A New Custom XML File
       Specifying Which Custom XML Files To Use
Customizing column headers

Data files
Data rollup
   What is a Data Rollup Configuration
   Implementing a Data Rollup Configuration
Data rollup operations
Database description
Database maintenance
Database setup
Database sharing
db_owner role
Default credentials
Default patch scan template
Definition download source
Deploying patches
    Deploying all patches
    Deploying one patch
    Deploying to multiple machines
    Deploying to virtual machines
    Deploying with an agent
Deploying service packs
    Deploying SPs from the console
    Deploying SPs with an agent
    Automatic deployment
    Cancelling a deployment
    Deployment configuration
    Deployment history
    Deployment options
    Deployment prerequisites
    Deployment results
    Deployment seats
    Monitoring a deployment
    Scheduling a deployment
Deployment options
Deployment template
   Creating a deployment template
   About deployment templates
Deployment Tracker
Detailed patch information
DFS replication
Disable networking
Disable supersedence
Disable Sysprep
Disconnected console configuration
    Configuring the central console
    Configuring the remote console
Disconnected network mode
    Activating a disconnected console
    Managing data files and missing patches
    Putting a console into disconnected mode
Discovery filter
Display icon in system tray
Display options
Distributed Policy Manager
Distributed Policy Service
Distribution server status report
Distribution servers
    Deployment template tab
    IP addresses
    Recommended with threat task
    Update distribution server
Download directory
Download file name
Download individual non-English patches
Download non-English patches
Downloading patches
Duplicate virtual machines
Dynamic product detection