Viewing Threat Information

The Threat Information tab in the bottom pane displays detailed information about the threat selected in the middle pane. Detailed information will not be displayed if multiple items are selected in the middle pane.




Provides a description of the threat.



There may be several specific categories for each threat type. For example, an Adware threat can be categorized as one of the following:




Adware (General)


Adware Downloader


Adware Installer


Browser Plug-in






Threat Type

Each threat will be classified as one of the following types:

  • Adware

  • Cookie

  • Dialer

  • Low Risk Software

  • Malware

  • Misc

  • Potential I.T. Risk

  • Remote Control Tool

  • Surveillance Tool

  • Virus

  • Worm

Vendor Severity

Shavlik assigns one of four severity levels to each threat. The levels, from most severe to least severe, are:

  • High: Shavlik has given the threat its highest severity rating and recommends removing it immediately.

  • Severe: Shavlik considers the threat severe and recommends removing it as soon as possible.

  • Elevated: The risk from this threat is of moderate severity.

  • Low: While it poses a security risk, Shavlik deems the risk from this threat to be low in nature.


Can Quarantine

Indicates whether the files associated with the threat can be placed in the quarantine directory.