Using an Agent on a Machine

The users of each agent machine can, if you permit, control many of the Shavlik Protect Agent features on their machine. They do this using the Shavlik Protect Agent client program. To access this program they either:

A window similar to the following is displayed:


If users want information on how to use the client program they can simply click Help > Contents from the main menu.

Note: If multiple users are logged on to a machine, only one of the users will have access to the client program. The first user to launch the program will succeed, for all other users the program will fail.

Performing AV Scans on Specific Files, Folders, or Drives

If an agent is configured with a threat task or if Active Protection is enabled, the user of the machine can initiate an antivirus scan on a specific file, folder, or drive on the machine. This is done by right-clicking the desired item within Windows Explorer and then selecting Scan with Shavlik Protect. For example:

The results of the scan are displayed in the agent's threat log. The results are also reported to the console and available for viewing using either Machine View or Threat Events View.

Note: If multiple users are logged on to a machine, each user will be able to perform file/folder/drive-specific antivirus scans, but only the first user to access the client program will be able to view the results.

Administrator Tools within the Client Program

The Shavlik Protect Agent client program contains a few tools that are intended for use by you, the system administrator.