Understanding the Top Pane

The top pane in Patch View displays a table containing detailed information about each patch contained in the XML patch data file. Click on a column heading to sort the table by that information. You can also specify what information is presented by right-clicking the table heading and selecting or clearing the available items.

By default the table is ordered by product name. If you expand a product tree you can see all of the patches and service packs associated with that product. If you select a patch, information about that patch is displayed on the Patch Information tab of the bottom pane.

No information is displayed on the Patch Information tab if you select a service pack (represented by SP1, SP2, etc. in the QNumber column). In addition, most products contain a unique entry whose Service Pack Name and QNumber are both Gold. These entries represent the "out of the box" base installation of a product, they contain no downloaded files, and are therefore neither a patch nor a service pack.