Testing the Deployment

Shavlik Protect includes the ability to perform a test deployment to one or more machines. This is especially useful for patch deployment that has been scheduled for a later time. Testing the deployment allows you to correct any potential problems in a deployment and make it less likely that a deployment will fail.

You perform a test deployment from Machine View or Scan View. Simply right-click the machine, machine group, or domain you want to test and then select Test Patch Deployment. For example:

Test deployment results are reported in the Operations Monitor. A test deploy returns either a success or a failure depending on what it finds.  For example, if the workstation or scheduling services are not started in a particular machine, Shavlik Protect cannot deploy patches to it and a test deploy will return a failing result. If a test does fail you can click the available link for information on why the test failed.

The sample results below show a successful test deployment.