SQL Server Pre-Installation Notes

Shavlik Protect will store all scan, patch deployment, and threat remediation results in an SQL Server database.  The SQL Server backend enables real-time collaboration and knowledge management amongst all individuals responsible for performing patch and threat management tasks. Some of the benefits to using the SQL Server database include:

Before installing Shavlik Protect please review the following SQL Server notes:

If you do not have SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express Edition SP1 will be installed for you on the console machine by the Shavlik Protect installation process. If you are using an older operating system that does not support SQL Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition SP2 will be installed.

Note: For security purposes, Shavlik recommends using Windows authentication where possible. For information on configuring a remote SQL Server to accept Windows authentication credentials from the Shavlik Protect console, see SQL Server Post-Installation Notes.