Show Me How to Get Started!

Most tasks in Shavlik Protect are simple to perform, you just need to know how to get started!

The following table lists a number of the most commonly performed tasks in Shavlik Protect. For each task you can click the Read a Help Topic link to view the associated Help topics, or you can click the View a Video Tutorial link to view the associated "How-to" video.


Task Category

 Read a Help Topic

 View a Video Tutorial

Patch Management

Scan for and Deploy Patches

Track Deployment Status

Automate Scheduled Patching

Create a Custom Patch XML File

Asset Inventory

Use the Asset Inventory Feature

Power Management

Use the Power Management Feature


Create an Agent Policy

Install an Agent Policy

Implementing Cloud-based Synchronization

Virtual Machines

Deploying ESXi Hypervisor Bulletins

Manage Your Virtual Machines


Use the ITScripts Feature

Distribution Servers


Use a Distribution Servers

General Operation

Generate Reports


Manage Credentials


Initiate a Remote Desktop Connection