Scan View Scan Summary

The left side of the top pane contains a collapsible sub-pane. This pane provides summary information about the scan. The pane can be collapsed and expanded by clicking the chevron icon in the top-right corner. For example:

Scan Summary Expanded

Scan Summary Collapsed


The top pane in the scan summary also displays a table containing detailed information about each machine that was scanned.  Click on a column heading to sort the table by that information. You can also specify what information is presented by right-clicking the table heading and selecting or clearing the available items.


, , or  

Indicates whether the computer is a physical machine or an online virtual machine (), an offline virtual machine (), or a virtual machine template ().

Machine Group

The machine group that was scanned and that contains the selected machine.


The domain of the scanned machine.


The machine name.

IP Address

The IP address of the scanned machine.

Patch Breakdown

A visual representation of the percentage of installed patches (green) vs. missing patches (red) and missing service packs (yellow). If you choose to sort this column, the sort value for each machine is computed as follows: number of missing patches + (number of missing service packs * 10).

Installed Patch Count

The total number of patches installed on the scanned machine.

Missing Patch Count

The total number of patches missing on the scanned machine.

Missing Service Pack Count

The total number of service packs missing on the scanned machine.

EOL Products

The number of software products on the machine that have been designated as at End-of-Life by their vendor.

Operating System With Service Pack

The operating system and service pack level being used on the scanned machine. If the operating system is shown in red it indicates that it has reached its end-of-life (EOL) phase and the vendor will limit support for the product.

Operating System Language

The operating system language being used on the scanned machine.

Assigned Credentials

The credentials used when authenticating Shavlik Protect to the machine.

Offline Scan

Indicates if this is a virtual machine that was scanned in offline mode.

Last Scan Template

The template that was used to scan the machine.

Machine Criticality