Scans Options

The Scans Options dialog allows you to specify scanning options.


Default Patch Scan Template

The scan template you wish to set as the default when performing patch scans.

Use only the browse list (scan by domain only)

When scanning domains, the machines scanned are those contained in the "browse list" of machines in your Microsoft network rather than all the machines in the domain as specified by the domain controller. Using this option will typically reduce the number of machines that the program will attempt to connect to when performing the scan. For more information, see Enumerating Machines.

Use replacement patches

Instructs Shavlik Protect to only scan for patches that are not replaced, ignoring patches that have been replaced by other patches. For example, instead of reporting on all missing Internet Explorer patches, only the latest and most current IE patches will be reported.

Keep imported files

The results files used by a scan operation are stored on disk indefinitely rather than being deleted after the results are imported into the program.

Connection timeout (seconds)

The maximum amount of time to wait for a target machine to respond to the console during a scan. If the console cannot make a connection to the target machine in the specified number of seconds the machine is skipped. A connection attempt may timeout earlier than the specified value, this simply puts a maximum value on the wait time.