Using the Run ITScripts Dialog

The Run ITScripts dialog enables you to run a script with or without a template. You access this dialog from either Machine View or Scan View by right-clicking one or more machines and selecting ITScripts > Run script.



If you choose to run a script using a template you will execute the script using predefined parameter values. The template also defines the maximum number of machines the script may run on simultaneously (concurrency).


If you choose to run the script directly without a template you have the ability to modify the values of any input parameters associated with the script. All approved scripts of type Any, WinRM Remoting, or ESXi Hypervisor are available for selection. The Script Catalog Manager will also provide detailed information about each script.

Note: To run a script of type Console see Using the Run console ITScripts dialog.


Displays the input parameters used by the script and the parameter values that will be used by the template. To modify a parameter value, double-click the parameter or select the parameter and click Edit. The Edit Script Parameter dialog is displayed.

Note: String values must be contained within quotes (for example, "*"); numeric values do not require quotes.


To execute the selected script click Continue. To close the dialog without initiating a script click Cancel.