Power Management Requirements

Before performing a power management task, please confirm that you meet the following requirements.

General Requirements

For more information see Supplying Credentials.

Sleep and Hibernate Requirements

In order to put a machine in or take a machine out of a sleep or hibernate state, its operating system must be configured to allow the operation.

Wake-on-LAN (WoL) Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Whether you need to configure your routers depends on where your target machines are located. If all the target machines are located on the same subnet as the console then your routers do not need to be reconfigured. If some of your target machines are behind one or more routers and thus on different subnets, then the intervening routers must be configured to forward subnet-directed broadcasts on UDP port 9.

Software Requirements

Power Status Scan Requirements

A power status scan can be performed on physical machines, online virtual machines, and offline virtual machines.