Performing Actions on Patches

Right-Click Menu

You can right-click on any patch in the top pane of Patch View and perform a number of different actions. For example:



Enables you to download the selected patches or service packs to the patch download directory. When you click this button the Select Patches to Download dialog is displayed. Use this dialog to select which language version(s) of the patch you want to download.



Enables you to delete the selected patches from the patch download directory. If the selected patches have never been downloaded, this command will be unavailable.

Open Bulletin(s) in Browser

Enables you to display, within your default Web browser, vendor information about the selected patch bulletin.

Add to Patch Group

Enables you to add the selected patches to a new or existing patch group. See Creating and Editing a Patch Group for more information.

Set Criticality

Criticality is the user supplied threat and severity level associated with a particular vulnerability.  While Shavlik can reasonably evaluate the general threat posed by a patch, even the most critical patches will not always warrant a sense of urgency in organizations in which the vulnerability poses little or no threat.  Therefore, Shavlik Protect provides a mechanism to allow the administrator to assign a custom level of criticality for each patch. Criticality can be assigned by clicking Set Criticality and choosing one of the options from the shortcut menu.  If you assign a custom criticality to a patch, the flag displayed in the lower pane will change to the appropriate color.


(Red) Critical

(Orange) High

(Yellow) Medium

(Brown) Low

(Gray) Ignore

(Clear) None (criticality not set)

Add Comment

Enables you to provide a comment about the patch.

Expand All

Expands all patch trees in the top pane.

Collapse All

Collapses all patch trees in the top pane.

Export selected patches to CSV

Export information about the selected patches to a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. The CSV file can then be used within a spreadsheet program.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available: