Notes About Virtual Machines


You can scan and patch the virtual machines that are contained on the ESXi Hypervisors being managed by the ESX Server/vCenter Server. You can also scan and patch the ESXi Hypervisors, but that is performed using the Virtual Inventory feature.

General Notes

Patch Deployments

Example: You deploy Patch A to a workstation-based offline virtual machine. The virtual machine is still offline a month later when you deploy Patches B and C. Because the first deployment job was never executed it gets overwritten and only Patches B and C are now scheduled for deployment. To avoid this you simply include Patch A along with Patches B and C in the second deployment job.

One way to manage this is to use a patch group to define the patches you want deployed to your workstation-based offline virtual machines. When new patches are identified you simply add them to the list of patches in the patch group. This is particularly useful when specifying a patch group within a patch scan template and then enabling the Auto-deploy patches after scan check box on the Run Operation dialog. See Creating a New Patch Scan Template and Using the Run Operation Dialog for more details about these options.