Navigating the Interface

The Shavlik Protect interface is designed to be simple yet powerful, enabling you to perform any number of activities quickly and easily. An annotated interface is shown here. For information about each area of the interface, see the table that follows.



The menu bar provides quick access to many of the functions of the program.




The navigation pane. This pane displays whatever primary feature is currently selected at the top of the navigation bar. There can be only one feature active at a time. In this example the Machine Groups feature is the active feature.

You can collapse the navigation bar by clicking the icon. This maximizes the size of the right-hand pane.



This area enables you to quickly initiate patch, asset, power, and ITScripts operations.


The newsfeed area displays security-related news and important messages from Shavlik. Use the Older and Newer links to scroll through the available messages. This area can be toggled off by clearing the Tools > Options > Display > Show main newsfeed sidebar check box.