Manually Installing Shavlik Protect Agent

You must manually install Shavlik Protect Agent on machines that are guarded by a firewall. You do this by copying the agent installation files to the desired target machines and then running the Shavlik Protect Agent installation wizard on each machine.


Installation Procedure

  1. On the Shavlik Protect console, locate the STPlatformUpdater.exe file.

  1. Copy the .exe file to the desired target machines.

You can distribute this file using Active Directory, or you can simply copy it to a physical media such as a CD or flash drive and manually distribute it to the desired machines.

Note: When distributing this file you may choose to create an installation script that automatically passes all necessary information to the installation wizard.

  1. Log on to the target machine using an administrator account.

  1. Double-click the file named STPlatformUpdater.exe.

The Shavlik Protect Agent Setup Wizard is displayed.

  1. On the Welcome dialog, click Next.

  2. On the Ready to Install Shavlik Protect Agent dialog, click Install.

The agent is installed. When the installation is complete the Agent Registration dialog is displayed.

  1. Click I have a direct connection to the console.

Note: The I connect to the console through the cloud button is used if you are installing the agent via the cloud.

The following dialog is displayed.

  1. Provide the required information.

Note: If an IP address is used, the IP address must be added to the Console Alias list.

- If the credentials you used to log on to the target machine can also be used to log on to the Shavlik Protect console, then choose Use Current Credentials. The credentials must be for a user in the Administrators group on the console.

- Otherwise, choose Windows Authentication and provide the necessary administrator credentials for the Shavlik Protect console. The credentials must be in domain\ format and they must have administrator rights on the Shavlik Protect console.


  1. On the Agent Registration dialog click Register.

  1. On the Agent Setup Wizard dialog, click Finish.

    Note: If an IP address is used, the IP address must be added to the Console Alias list.

      The agent installation routine will:

      When the download is complete the agent will be started automatically. You can check the status of the agent using the Shavlik Protect Agent client program, available by selecting Start > All Programs > Shavlik Protect > Shavlik Protect Agent. You can use this program to configure any settings that were marked as user-configurable.

      Another way to verify that the installation was successful is to use Windows Action Center (known as Windows Security Center in earlier versions of Windows) to verify that the machine is using Shavlik Protect Agent to protect against spyware and viruses.