Managing a Patch Scan Template

Custom patch scan templates are listed in the My Patch Scan Templates section of the Templates list. You can right-click a template and perform a number of different actions.



Enables you to create a new template by using the existing template as a base.  When you click Copy the Scan Template dialog will appear and the dialog will be populated with the same description and settings as the current template. The name of the new template will be 'Copy of { selected template name }'.  Change the name and the other template characteristics as desired.


Deletes the current template. You cannot delete a template that is currently being used by an agent policy.


Launches the Scan Template dialog and enables you to make changes to the template. If you edit and save a template that is currently being used by an agent policy, the agents using that policy will be updated the next time they check in with the console.

Make Default

Sets the selected patch template as the default template.


Enables you to rename the selected template.