Introducing the Virtual Inventory Feature

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Tip: For information on managing your online and offline virtual machines, see Roadmap of Tasks for Virtual Machines.

The Virtual Inventory feature is used to manage and track the vCenter Servers and the ESXi hypervisors (ESXi hosts) that are used in your organization. You can use the Virtual Inventory feature to:

The vCenter Servers and the ESXi hypervisors that are currently defined to Shavlik Protect can be viewed by selecting Virtual Inventory at the top of the navigation pane. The vCenter Servers list shows the vCenter Servers you are using and the ESXi hypervisors they are managing. The ESXi Hypervisors list shows the hypervisors that are not being managed by a vCenter Server. It is possible for a managed hypervisor to appear in both lists if you import the hypervisor as a standalone device and you also import the vCenter Server that is managing the hypervisor.