How to Install Shavlik Protect Agent from the Console

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You can use the console to "push install" the Shavlik Protect Agent to connected target machines. In order to perform the push install, each target machine must be online and have an active network connection to the console during the Shavlik Protect Agent installation. This connection is required in order to exchange security information that will be used to establish an encrypted link for all future communication between the console and its agents. The agent machines must also be able to perform name resolution in order to locate the console machine.

You must have the proper credentials in order to authenticate to each of the target machines. See Credential Precedence for details.

Some target machines may have a firewall enabled that blocks the incoming ports required to install Shavlik Protect Agent. On these machines you must manually install Shavlik Protect Agent. See Manually Installing Agents for details.

Note: Installing an agent on a distribution server is a special case that requires the server machine's SYSTEM account to have read access to the distribution server folder. See Configuring System Account Permissions for details.

You can perform a push install of the Shavlik Protect Agent service two different ways from the console.

For Machines That Have Been Previously Scanned

You can install agents onto machines that have been previously scanned and that are contained in the program database.

  1. Go to either Machine View or Scan View.

  2. Right-click the desired machines, select Agents > Install/Reinstall with Policy and then select the desired agent policy. For example:


For Machines That Have Not Been Previously Scanned

You can install agents on machines that have not been previously scanned and are therefore not contained in the machine database. You simply create a machine group that contains all the machines that will run a particular agent policy and then use the Install / Reinstall Agent button to install an agent policy on those machines.

Note: There are a couple of caveats:


Note: In each of the examples shown above you will be prompted to select the policy you want installed. See Creating A New Agent Policy for information on configuring policies.

The following occurs when you push install the Shavlik Protect Agent service to a machine: