How to Initiate an Asset Scan

An asset scan can be initiated from the home page, from a machine group, from a favorite, or from Machine View.

From the Home Page

You can use the home page to initiate a scan of any of the four pre-defined groups (My Machine, My Domain, My Test Machines, Entire Network) or of a custom machine group.

  1. Type a name for the operation you are about to perform.

At a minimum the name should indicate what you are scanning and when it is being scanned (for example, Machine group name mm/dd/yy). You may wish to include other identifiers such as the scan template being used, if it is a regularly scheduled scan or an out of band task, etc. A maximum of 100 characters can be used for the name.

  1. Select the machine group you want to scan.

  1. Choose when you want to perform the scan (Now, Once, or Recurring).

  2. Select the template you want to use when performing the patch scan (Full Asset Scan or a custom asset scan template).

  3. Click either Scan now or Schedule.

You can review the results of the asset scan using Machine View.

From a Machine Group

  1. In the Machine Groups pane select the desired machine group.

  1. Within the machine group dialog click Run Operation.

  1. On the Run Operation dialog select when you want the scan to run and which asset scan template you want to use.

  2. On the Run Operation dialog click either Scan now or Schedule.

You can review the results of the asset scan using Machine View.

From a Favorite

A favorite consists of one or more machine groups and one template. You select the machine groups you want to scan and then specify how the machines should be scanned. A favorite is typically used to initiate a scheduled scan.

One way to initiate an asset scan of a favorite is to right-click the favorite in the Favorites list and then select Scan. This will enable you to specify when to perform the scan but not how (the asset scan template previously configured for use with this favorite will always be used).

If you want to verify and/or change the configuration of the favorite before you initiate the scan you simply:

  1. Select the desired favorite in the Favorites list.

The Favorite dialog is displayed. It shows the current configuration of the favorite.

  1. Review the configuration, make any desired changes, and then click Run Operation.

From Machine View

  1. Select one or more machines.

  2. Right-click the machine(s) and then select the desired asset scan template.