How Do I . . .?:  Create an Antivirus Policy

All threat detection and remediation actions are performed on target machines using agents. To have an agent scan a machine for threats (viruses, worms, spyware, rootkits, etc.) it must be assigned a properly configured agent policy. Antivirus, antispyware, and other threat activities are configured using a threat task. A threat task defines a scheduled service that runs periodically on agent machines. It defines when the agent machines will be scanned for threats and where on the machines to look for threats. It can also be used to specify whether an agent machine should be restarted if threats are detected and removed.

  1. Create an agent policy.

  2. Specify the amount of control users will have when using the Shavlik Protect Agent client program.

  3. Create a threat task.

To provide the most complete threat coverage, be sure to scan all locations and for all threat types.

  1. Define what actions to take if the agent does detect a threat.

In the majority of cases you can simply accept the default actions.

  1. (Optional) Use the Exceptions tab to explicitly allow or disallow specific program executable files.

  2. (Recommended) Enable Active Protection within the agent policy.

  3. Install the agent policy on the desired agent machines.

Agents can be pushed installed from the console or they can be installed manually.