How Do I . . .?:  Collect Data for Technical Support

If you ever have a question or issue with Shavlik Protect that requires help from the Shavlik Technical Support staff, please have the following information available when e-mailing or calling:

Installation Log Files

The installation logs are located in the following directory:

There are three installation log files within the directory:

Program Log Files

If necessary, you may be asked to capture program log files.

  1. Select Tools > Options > Logging and in the User Interface and Services boxes specify All.

  2. Restart the program.

  3. Recreate the issue.

Please note the steps you took to recreate the issue. Also note the date and time of day so our analysts know where to look in the log files.

  1. Once the issue is recreated, and before you close or restart the program, make a copy of all the logs and include them in your e-mail correspondence.

The logs are located in the following directory: