Display Options

The Display Options dialog allows you to specify the optional items you want displayed in the program.




Displays the patch scans and deployments that have been performed. There are three available lists:

  • Today's Items: This is always displayed and is not configurable.

  • Recent Items: Displays a list of recent patch scans and deployments. By default, after 15 days items in this list are moved to the Archive Items list. You can use the last # days box to change the number of days worth of information to display in the Recent Items list. You can specify a maximum of 100 days.

  • Archive Items: Displays a list of scans and deployments that were performed more than 15 days ago (or more than the number of days specified on Recent Items).

Show only items created by me

If enabled, shows only those scans and templates that have been created by the current user.

Show main newsfeed

If enabled, displays the newsfeed on the right side of the home page.

Show informational items in patch scan results

If enabled, displays informational items on the Patches tab in Scan View and Machine View.