Determining Which Machines Have Shavlik Protect Agent

You can use Machine View to easily determine which machines in your network have Shavlik Protect Agent installed.

  1. Select View > Machines to view a list of all machines that have been scanned at least once by the program.

Note: If you want to make sure you get a list of all machines in your network, perform a scan of all machines in your network before going to Machine View.

  1. In the heading row, click the Agent State column heading ().

This will sort the table, grouping together all machines that have Shavlik Protect Agent installed and placing that group at the top of the table. Click the icon a second time to move to the top of the table the group of machines without Shavlik Protect Agent installed.

There are two possible states:

  1. To sort the list by policy name, click the Assigned Agent Policy column heading.

Tip: Another option in Machine View is to select Has an Agent Policy in the Smart Filters box. Only machines with Shavlik Protect Agent installed will be displayed.