Deployment Template: Distribution Servers Tab


Console push

If enabled, indicates that a distribution server will not be used and the console will serve as the source for the patches.

Use Distribution Server by IP Range

If enabled, indicates that one or more distribution servers will serve as the source for the patches during deployments using this template. See Configuring Distribution Servers and Assigning IP Addresses to Servers for information on configuring the distribution servers.

When patches are deployed via distribution servers, patches are not pushed to the target machines. Rather, the target machines will download the patches from one or more distribution servers. Patches must be copied from the console's patch download directory to the servers before they will be available for deployment. See Synchronizing Servers for information on copying patches to your distribution servers.

Use Backup Server


If desired, specify a backup distribution server that will be used if the primary and secondary distribution servers specified on the Distribution Servers dialog are unavailable.

Use vendor as backup source

If the primary, secondary, and backup distribution servers are unavailable, enabling this check box will allow the machine being patched to try to download the patch from the patch vendor's Web site.

Note: This option does not apply to custom patches because custom patches do not contain download URLs. Custom patches must be either pushed to the target machines from the console's patch download directory or pulled by the target machines from a distribution server.

Distribute scheduled start times (in minutes)

If you are deploying patches to a large number of machines at the same time, all the machines will begin to download the patches from the distribution server at approximately the same time. If you enable this option, the start times for the machines will be randomly distributed over the interval that you specify. This can help to reduce the peak network load.

If the patch is not on the Distribution Server, retry

If a patch cannot be obtained at the scheduled deployment time, you can specify to retry:

  • Never

  • After the machine is rebooted

  • After the machine is rebooted and every 4, 8, 12, 24, and 48 hours after the machine is rebooted