Deployment Options

The Deployment Options dialog allows you to specify how patches will be deployed.


Default Deployment Template

Specifies the deployment template to use as the default.  Any new deployment templates you previously defined will be included in the drop-down list.  For more information see About Deployment Templates.

Deployment Tracker address

Specifies the IP address used by Shavlik Protect Deployment Tracker . If you are on a multi-homed machine, it is necessary to choose the IP address that corresponds to the network that will be scanned.

If desired, you can elect to specify the console host name rather than the IP address.

Shavlik Protect Deployment Tracker uses the same port as the other console services (3121 by default).

Create a temporary system drive share if none exists

Enables Shavlik Protect to create and use a temporary administrator share name on a target machine during the authentication process. The share name will be removed from the target machine when the scan, deployment, or remediation is complete.

While this option does not apply to most organizations, if you are an organization that for whatever reason has disabled or renamed the administrator share names (C$, D$, etc.) on your target machines, then you must enable this check box in order for Shavlik Protect to access those machines.