Scheduling and Configuring a Deployment

When a patch deployment is initiated the Deployment Configuration dialog is displayed.  This dialog enables you to specify exactly when and how the patches will be deployed.


Deploy To

Indicates how many patches are being deployed and to how many machines.

Deploy How

Specify the deployment template you want to use. There are two buttons associated with this field:

  • New: Enables you to create a new deployment template.

  • Edit: Enables you to permanently modify the selected deployment template.

Note: The default templates (Agent Standard, Standard, and Virtual Machine Standard) cannot be modified. Clicking Edit lets you view but not change the default templates.

Deployment Tracker IP Address

Specifies the IP address that Deployment Tracker will listen on.  See About Deployment Tracker for more information.

Deploy When

Specify when you want the patches to be deployed.  Your options are:

  • Copy patch(es) to selected machine(s) but do not install: Select this option if you want the patches made available to (but not installed on) the target machines.  You might select this option if you want to manually start the patch installation at the remote machines.

  • Install immediately: The patch deployment process will begin right after you click the Deploy button.

  • Schedule at: Enables you to choose the date and time at which the patches should be installed.  The files will be copied immediately but the installation of the patches will not begin until the scheduled deployment time.  It is not necessary for the machine that performed the scan to be available at the scheduled deployment time.

  • Install at next reboot (no login required): The patch files will be copied immediately to the target machines but the installation of the patches will not begin until the next time each machine is restarted.

Note: Offline hosted virtual machines are the exception, for them the deployment process will begin immediately. For more details see Deploying Patches to Virtual Machines.

Reboot How

Displays the current reboot instructions defined by the selected template.  If you want to override the reboot instructions for this deployment, click Change. This will create and open a copy of the selected deployment template, allowing you to change the reboot options.

Patches to be deployed by machine

Expands the dialog to display detailed information about the machines and the patches selected for deployment.


When you are ready to deploy your patches using the selected deployment options, click this button.