Data Rollup Operations

The Data Rollup tab enables you to specify how this console will interact with agents and with other consoles.



This console's directory for spooling results

Specifies the directory that will be used to store results sent to this console by Shavlik Protect Agent and/or by other consoles. The directory path cannot be changed. The directory will be one of the following:

  • On Windows Vista and other newer operating systems: C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect\Console\Arrivals

  • On earlier Windows operating systems like Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect\Console\Arrivals

Enable Data Rollup

If you want this console to roll up and send its scanning and deployment data to a central console, enable this check box. The other options in the Send this console's results to a Data Rollup server area are not available unless this check box is enabled.

Import Settings

If you want this console to send its scan and deployment results to a central console, you need to import the settings file that was exported from the central console. To import the settings file, click Import Settings and then navigate to the location of the file. This will populate the IP Address and port of the central console. It will also import other information required to securely connect to the central console. If the IP address and/or port of the central console change later, you may edit these fields.  However, when initially configuring data rollup, you must import the settings file of the central console.  For more information, see Implementing a Data Rollup Configuration.

IP Address/hostname to send this console's results to

This field will be populated automatically by importing the settings file from a central console, or it can be set manually. It reports the name of the central console or the IP address that the central console is listening on.

Port to send this console's results to

This field will be populated automatically by importing the settings file from a central console, or it can be set manually. It reports the port number that the central console is listening on. The default value is 3121.

Minutes between sending console's results

Specify how often you want data from this console to be rolled up and sent to the console containing the aggregate database. Valid values are from 10 - 10080 (10 minutes - one week). The default value is every 240 minutes (four hours).

Although you can roll up data as often as once every 10 minutes, this is typically impractical. How often you choose to roll up data will depend on a number of things, including how often the console is performing scans and deployments, and how often you want that information reflected in the aggregate database.

IP Address

Specifies the IP address of this console. The program will automatically detect the console's address and add it to the list of available addresses for this field. If the console is multi-homed then there will be multiple IP addresses populated in the list and you must select the address you want the remote consoles to use when connecting to this console.

Note: If the central console is multi-homed, the rollup service will listen on all its network interfaces. So if the central console communicates with two different subnets, you can define one IP address and export the data rollup information to remote consoles on one subnet and then define a different IP address and export it to remote consoles on the other subnet.

Listen on port

Specifies that 3121 is the TCP port used by the console to listen for incoming data from agents and other consoles. This value cannot be changed.

Export Settings

To enable other consoles to roll their results up to this console, you should export this console's settings and import those settings at the other consoles. To export this console's settings to a data file, click Export Settings. The file can then be used to import these settings on other consoles.