Managing Data Files and Missing Patches in Disconnected Mode

When running in disconnected mode it is necessary to manually manage your data definition files. You can do this two different ways:

Data File Locations

The data files need to be located in the following directory on the Shavlik Protect console:

Downloading Missing Patches

Before you can deploy missing patches you must locate and transfer the missing patches to the disconnected console.

  1. Use Machine View to view the list of missing patches.

  2. Export the list of missing patches to a .csv file by right-clicking Patch Missing and selecting Export selected patches to CSV.

You can use the .csv file as a reference when downloading the patches from an Internet-facing console. Another option is to generate a report that lists the missing patches.

  1. On an Internet-facing console, use the Patch View smart filters to locate the patches that are missing on the disconnected console.

  2. Right-click the patches and download them to the Internet-facing console.

The downloaded patches are stored in the following directory:

  1. Copy all the files in this folder to a media that can be transported to the disconnected console.

  2. Copy all the files to the same folder on the disconnected console.

The disconnected console can now deploy patches to the inside machines.