Creating and Editing a Patch Group

Do one of the following:

This will display the Patch Group dialog.

Note: Be careful when editing an existing patch group. Any modifications you make will affect any scan template that references the patch group. Also, if you edit and save a patch group that is currently being used by an agent policy, the agents using that policy will be updated the next time they check in with the console.



Type a name that you would like to assign to this patch group.


Provide a comment that describes the purpose of this group.


Enables you to add patches to this group. It will display a list all of the patches that are currently available. The list can be sorted by clicking in any of the column headers. To assign patches to the group, browse through the list and place a check in the box next to each patch you would like to include. You can also use the following buttons to populate the list:

  • Check all: Enables every check box in the list.

  • Uncheck all: Clears every check box in the list.

  • Import groups: Enables you to import the patches currently defined in another patch group.

When done, click OK.



Makes a copy of the patch group. Type a new name for the group and then click Save.


Deletes this patch group. You cannot delete a patch group that is currently being used by an agent policy.

View in Patch View

Use Patch View to see detailed information about each patch currently defined in this group. The patch group will automatically be saved and will be used as a filter in Patch View.

Displays Help information about this dialog.


To remove one or more patches from the group, select the desired patches and then click Remove.

Used By tab

This tab shows you the patch scan templates and agent policies that are currently using this patch group. This is important to know if you are considering modifying the group, as it tells you what other areas of the program are affected.


Alternate Patch Group Creation Methods

You can also create a patch group while using Machine View, Patch View, or Scan View. Select the desired patches and then use the right-click menu to create a new patch group or to add to an existing patch group. You can scan for the patches in the patch group and then generate compliance reports using the report function.