Creating or Editing a Deployment Template

Do one of the following:

Tip:  To speed the template creation process, copy an existing template that is similar to the one you want to create. The contents of the copied template will be populated in the new Deployment Template dialog and you can simply modify the appropriate items. You copy an existing template by selecting it in the Deployment Templates pane and then, in the summary section of the template in the right-hand pane, clicking Copy. You can also right-click on the template in the pane and select Copy.

The Deployment Template dialog contains several tabs that collectively define the characteristics of a particular deployment template. The tabs are:

The dialog also contains Name and Description boxes that apply to the entire template.



The name you wish to assign to this deployment template.


A comment that describes the purpose of this deployment template.


Once you have made your selections for this deployment template, click the Save button and then the Close button to save the template.  Click the Cancel button and then the Close button to close the window without making any changes. Certain types of changes will require you to save the deployment template earlier in the process.