Automatically Sending Email Reports and Notifications

Note: This feature applies only to agentless scans and deployments initiated from the console; it does not apply to agents that may also be using this template.

Messages containing scan reports or deployment reports can be automatically emailed by Shavlik Protect . You simply configure the scan template, the deployment template, the machine group, or the machine of your choosing so that reports are automatically sent each time the template or group is used. You can designate which reports should be sent and to whom the reports should be sent.


You can configure scan templates to automatically:

You can configure deployment templates to automatically:

For information on configuring templates to automatically send email reports:

Machines and Machine Groups

For information on configuring the program to automatically send email reports when individual machines are scanned, see Managing Individual Machine Properties. For information on configuring a group of machines to automatically send email reports when the machine group is scanned, see Working With A Machine Group.