Assigning User Roles

You can assign roles to as many users as needed. At least one user must be assigned the administrator role.

  1. Select Manage > User Role Assignment.

The User Role Assignment dialog is displayed.

If the buttons on the dialog are unavailable it means you do not have permission to modify the user role assignments. Only a user assigned the Administrator role can modify the roles.

  1. Click New.

The Select User and Role dialog is displayed.

  1. Type a user name and then select the role you want to assign to that user.

CAUTION! If you assign the Administrator role to only one user, make sure you know how to log on to the console machine using that user. Otherwise it is possible to lock yourself out from certain features, with the only solution being to reinstall the program.

  1. Click OK.

Note: All configured users must have access to the database. If users without administrative rights on the console machine receive an error when starting Shavlik Protect , it probably means they don't have the necessary SQL Server permissions. See SQL Server Preinstallation Notes for more information.