Agents Options

The Agents Options dialog allows you to specify how agents that are manually installed will authenticate themselves to the console during the registration process. The options are:

CAUTION! Be careful when using Windows authentication. If the machine on which you are installing the agent is already infected with malware that is capable of capturing passwords, your credentials could be compromised. For this reason, passphrase authentication is the recommended option.

In some cases it may make sense to use a combination of methods. You might use passphrase authentication to initially install the bulk of your agents and then switch to Windows authentication for all future manual installations.


Enable passphrase in manual Agent installations

  • If enabled, indicates that a passphrase will be used to authenticate to the console when manually installing an agent.

  • If not enabled, indicates that Windows authentication will be used when manually installing an agent.



If the Enable passphrase in manual Agent installations check box is enabled, type the passphrase you want users to use during the manual agent installation process. The passphrase can be any number of words or characters and is case-sensitive.


Retype the same passphrase in this box to confirm the passphrase.